OVERFLOW is an international television show hosted by The Ladd Family on the Preach The Word Network. It is aired globally on various television providers including Comcast/Xfinity, Timewarner, DirectTV, Smart TVs, Roku, Prism TV, Apple TV, Google TV, & local cable providers. The ultimate goal of OVERFLOW is to encourage open and honest scriptural-based conversations about how to live in the overflow of God's power & anointing, in spite of any turmoil or difficult circumstances. We provide an interactive environment between hosts, guests, & audience members, either in person or via social media. Tapings are the third Thursday of every month  and will air every Sunday at 4:30pm thereafter. To submit a question, topic, or situation to be featured on the OVERFLOW, click here or visit any of our social media sites. Please be sure to include your name and the city you are from. If you missed watching this week's episode of OVERFLOW, click here to register for FREE and watch on demand now!  Thank you so much for helping make OVERFLOW a success in the kingdom.